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John Kalpus
"Dr. Discovery"
Explorer / Educator / Speaker
Musician / Photographer / Filmmaker

John has been called many things: 
"The Man Who Pays Attention!"
"The Tim Allen of Technology"
"Dr. Discovery"

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"The world is not at a loss 
for people who dream.
It is at a loss for people 
who ACT on their dreams."

John Kalpus


Businesses have been run too long like, uh, businesses,
instead of the Orchestra they truly are.
We've all heard someone say, "Oh, it's business" ... as if "business" were something completely divorced from the normal rhythms and resonance of life.
An innate musician, small business owner, and compelling storyteller,
John will guide you through a re-awakening of the forces which truly drive commerce - resonance, rhythm and rhyme!

Today's business malaise can, in many ways, be a result of companies being out of Tune with the environment, their customers and their own unique rhythm. John's experience in more than 5 decades of performing music (he started very young) is a powerful advantage to reshaping the marketplace.


"John has the ability to make it all so simple when it has always been so hard!".
Sandra Walker, Community Solutions, Rockhampton, Australia

"John delivered with empowering enthusiasm!" 
 Beth Bywater, Rain For Rent
Fresno, CA

"Probably the finest training I've attended in my 20 years as an administrator/manager. 
How come they all can't be as good as John?" 
- K.B., Burley, ID


(619) 871-6592 Pacific Time

Speaking topic suggestions:

Good Vibrations:
Getting Your Organization
To Resonate With Others
Using words and music, John will help you find more resonance,
rhythm and rhyme in your organization 
A "Tune UP" for everyone!

The Art of Asking
Great Questions!
How to ask better questions and find better solutions


Paying Attention
In An Inattentive World
Helping organizations to becoming more focused and alert!

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